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Our Main Service.

It is a platform that distributes information between users through the use of smartphone.

LINC CLIP is an application that connects and distributes information conveniently by the use of mail and blog.

It is an all-in-one application that delivers multiple information such as newsletter, blog and SNS. By using this application, users can easily connect to their audience and spread information.

You can access this application anytime and anywhere just as long as you have an internet connection.

Start using LINC CLIP for free.

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We Have 2 Other Services.

Internet Service

Provides internet-based sales, sales assistance, marketing and advertising services.
We can provide great improvement to your sales with our knowledge which made the sales of more than 100 million in the past several years.

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Real estate investment

We make stability by a real estate investment as the 3rd part of sales.

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Know Us More.

Company Overview

We are venture firms that consist of 20 members.
We always look ahead without being satisfied with our present situations inorder to make services that is needed in the future.
Focusing on IT, it is always our goal to make the world better.

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We are now looking for new colleagues to join our company.
All you need to have is the venture spirit.
We asure you that you can demonstrate your ability and work with vitality in our company.
Start investing your time, and make life better.

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